Dauphin County Commissioners Invest Over $600K to Improve Voter Accessibility; 4 Poll Place Location Changes Announced

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The Dauphin County Commissioners recently approved the relocation of four polling places to achieve ADA compliance and accommodate a new property owner.

The changes are part of a comprehensive mission to increase voter accessibility and comply with federal ADA standards.

The primary election is Tuesday, May 17.

“We continue to offer a free, fair, and convenient election process run by the people in Dauphin County,” County Commissioner Chair Mike Pries said.

Bureau of Registration and Elections Director Jerry Feaser and Deputy Director Chris Spackman outlined for the commissioners the relocation of four poll places: two in Conewago Township, one in Steelton Borough, and one in Susquehanna Township.

The detailed location changes are below.

Additionally, the commissioners discussed over $631,000 invested in construction projects at numerous other county poll locations to achieve ADA compliance.

“The costs of running an open and transparent election continues to rise, yet we receive no support from the state and federal levels,” Commissioner Chad Saylor said.

The Elections Office will inform voters in affected precincts of the changes, as well as voters in two precincts where poll places stayed the same but had changes in facility names.

“Our top priorities are to make sure everyone who wishes to vote knows where and how to do so,” Commissioner George P. Hartwick, III said.

POLL PLACE CHANGES (pending approval from the United States Department of Justice):

Current                                                                                         Proposed

Conewago Township’s 1st Precinct:

Conewago Township Municipal Bldg.                     Historic Acres of Hershey

3279 Old Hershey Rd.                                                     3425 Old Hershey Rd.

Elizabethtown, PA 17022                                               Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Conewago Township’s 2nd Precinct:

University Music Service                                               Historic Acres of Hershey

3065 Elizabethtown Rd.                                                 3425 Old Hershey Rd.

Hershey, PA 17033                                                           Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Steelton Borough’s 3rd Ward:

Steelton Volunteer Fire House                                   I.W. Abel Hall

185 N. Front St.                                                                   200 Gibson St.

Steelton, PA 17113                                                          Steelton, PA 17113

Susquehanna Township’s 6th Ward:

Progress Fire Company                                                  Our Saviour Lutheran Church

Community Building                                                        (Entrance on Trinity Road)

3400 Maple St.                                                                    420 N. Progress Ave.

Harrisburg, PA 17109                                                      Harrisburg, PA 17109

MEDIA CONTACT: Brett Hambright, Press Secretary, 717-780-6311; bhambright@dauphinc.org.