Safety & Security

The Dauphin County Department of Safety and Security operates twenty-four (24) hours per day, three hundred sixty-five (365) days per year. The Department consists of twenty-eight (28) FT positions and fifteen (15) PT positions, for a combined total of forty-three (43) positions. This is a reduction of 17 positions (9 FT and 8 PT) since 2000. 

The Department is unified under the direction of a Director of Safety and Security, and a Deputy Director. The Director of Safety and Security is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department including: Physical Security protection of employees, visitor's and County-wide facilities; preparing Evacuation plans; Bomb Threat procedures; Background Checks on new hires; Initial creation of Vehicle Fleet Safety program, Countywide Health and Safety program, implementing new general and specific policies that reduce the risk of injury and/or catastrophic event from occurring; staff scheduling, CPR / First Aid training sessions and Fire Extinguisher training; placing First Aid Kits at all Guard stations; Upgrading Security personnel and training to include ACT 235, Pepper Spray, Baton and AED Certification. In addition, the Director coordinates starting up Safety committees and meetings for Dauphin County Prison and other County facilities. 

The Deputy Director is responsible for performing the above-mentioned duties in the absence of the Director. In addition, billing and personnel related transactions are under the direct supervision of the Deputy Director. The Shift Leader is responsible for the training of the new Officers and performing the duties of the Deputy Director in his absence. There are three (3) Shift Leaders, one on each shift, who have primary responsibilities of each buildings Security procedures. The Director assumed all weekend and "on call" responsibilities in 2002, thereby saving the County from "on call" expenditures that were paid to staff totaling approx. $5,500 per year. 

The Department of Safety and Security is organized into four (4) divisions, all having unique Security considerations on a facility-by-facility basis: (Schaffner Youth Center coverage was new for 2005). 

The Downtown Division Security Officers are responsible for the Security of the Courthouse, Vets Bldg., 100 Chestnut Street, Human Services Bldg., and the Administration Bldg. Interior and Perimeter Security is maintained through a Central Control Room, Guard stations, Foot patrols. Video monitoring, Door alarms, Radio and Telephone Communications, X- Ray machines, Metal Detectors and Hand-wands. Security assists in the Evacuation of the buildings, Bomb Threats and First Aid care until Emergency personnel arrive on the scene. Security monitors a secured locker area where Confiscated Weapons and Lost & Found items are kept. Security greets and directs the public as they enter County facilities, monitors suspicious persons inside and outside of the facilities, and assists the Sheriff's Department, CID and Emergency personnel when requested to do so. Security monitors the Fireboards, maintenance Pumps and Machinery within the buildings and alerts Maintenance personnel in the event of a problem arising. The entire Security operation is centered out of the Administration Building from the Security Control Room, where video and alarms from various County facilities will be sent. This will serve as the departments "nerve center". 

The Motor Patrol Division performs Vehicular and Foot patrols of County Parks, at-large facilities and Dauphin Manor / Spring Creek related facilities as well as Downtown buildings. 
Previously Parks in the Northern end of the County were not monitored except in the case of a "special event". They are now patrolled on a weekly basis. The Motor Patrol Officers utilize cell phones and radios to communicate with local Authorities and the various Security stations.