Dog License

janis and puppyThank you for licensing your dog. A license is your dog's ticket home. The Treasurer's Office maintains a database of all licenses issued in the county, which allows us to reunite dog and owner quickly. State law requires all dogs 3-months and older to be licensed. Please call our office if you have any questions regarding licensing. (717) 780-6550. 
Annual licenses may be purchased online, in person or through the mail.
Lifetime licenses may be purchased by mail or in person at the Treasurer's Office.
Lifetime licenses are not available online or at agent locations.

Annual License - Applying Online

Dog owners can purchase their annual dog licenses online. Please click the link below to purchase your dog license online. Users will be charged a $2.00 per license processing fee payable to the vendor.

PADogLicenseButton2   <<<<<<<<<<<<< Click here to apply ONLINE. Easy, fast and convenient!!

Annual License - Applying by Mail

Please click on the link below to print a dog license application which can be mailed to the Treasurer’s Office along with the appropriate payment in the form of a check or money order made payable to "Dauphin County Treasurer."
The annual license is valid for the current calendar year and must be renewed annually in January each year. Annual licenses may also be purchased at one of our approved agent locations throughout Dauphin County.  Scroll down for list of agents.

Dog License Application ANNUAL   <<<<<<<< Click here to download an ANNUAL application

Lifetime Licenses - by mail or in person only - MICROCHIP REQUIRED

Lifetime licenses may be purchased through the Treasurer’s office only, in person or by mail. The  lifetime license application may be downloaded from this site, but the license cannot be purchased through our online vendor or at an approved agent location.  Lifetime licenses require a microchip or tattoo*. To download a Lifetime License application, click on the link below: 

Dog License Application LIFETIME   <<<<<<<< Click here to download a LIFETIME application

Permanent Identification Verification Form ONLY

Instructions for Lifetime Application (Microchip and Tattoo)

*tattoo numbers are issued by the Treasurer’s office. If you plan to have your dog tattooed, please refer to the instructions for lifetime licenses.

Mail your application and check to:
Dauphin County Treasurer
c/o Dog Licensing Division

101 Market Street, Room 105
Harrisburg, PA 17101

License Transfer
You may transfer an annual or lifetime license to another owner or another county.

County Transfer: Submit in writing the license number, owner name and new address, dogincluding county. Request must be signed by the current dog owner. Enclose one check for $1.00 made payable to "county treasurer" to cover the cost of transfer.   

Ownership Transfer: Submit in writing authorization to transfer the dog license to the new owner. Include the license number, names and addresses of current and new owner. Request must be signed by the current dog owner.Requests  for transfers should be mailed to:

Dauphin County Treasurer
c/o Dog License Transfers
P. O. Box 1295
Harrisburg, PA 17108
**If you are a dog owner in Dauphin County, it is important that you license your dog. Licensing is mandated by state law and is enforced by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Fines for failing to secure a license range from $25.00 to $300.00. The Dauphin County Treasurer's office maintains a database of licenses that are issued, which enables big doglost dogs to be returned to their owners more readily. This reduces costs incurred by the municipalities when the Humane Society must take possession of a lost dog.

NOTE: Harrisburg City residents must apply for license with the City Treasurer (717-255-3046).
If you have found a lost dog in Dauphin County and it has a license, please call 780-6550 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Please note: the agent listings below are only for Annual Dog Licenses