Dauphin County Conservation District holds 2018 seedling sale

DAUPHIN, PA (February 13, 2018)The Dauphin County Conservation District is conducting its annual Spring Seedling Sale and offering residents the opportunity to beautify their properties while improving the environment by planting trees and shrubs.
The sale features a wide variety of evergreens, flowering perennials, deciduous tree and shrub seedlings, fruit plants, trees and tree shelters. 
Flowering perennial plants in individual plastic pots are on sale for $5 each for quarts; six varieties are available this year. A bundled perennial package is offered at a reduced price.
Evergreen varieties are bareroot and 8 to 24 inches in height, depending on variety, and are packaged in bundles of ten of the same species for $8 a bundle. Selections include Douglas Fir, White Pine, Norway Spruce and Concolor Fir. 
Deciduous trees and shrubs are sold individually for $1.50 and include Red Oak, American Red Bud, River Birch and Red Chokeberry. Paw Paw trees are available for $2.50 each.  Apple tree varieties that are on sale include Honeycrisp and Nova Spy for $17 each.  Two self-pollinating sweet cherry varieties (limited supply) are available for $18.50 each.
Two varieties of raspberries are on sale for $5 each. Also available this year are two varieties of strawberries being sold in bundles of 25 plants for $8.50 and two varieties of blueberries on sale for $11 each.  Tree Tube shelters are also being sold in bundles of 5, 10, and 25 for a reduced price.
Proceeds from the sale will help to support conservation projects in Dauphin County.
For more information about the seedling sale, or to obtain an order form, visit www.dauphincd.org or call the district office at 717-921-8100. Orders must be pre-paid and received by the office no later than Monday, April 2.
Orders may be picked up at the district’s office on April 19 through 20 at set times throughout the day. The Conservation District is located at the Dauphin County Agriculture and Natural Resources Center, 1451 Peters Mountain Rd., Dauphin.