Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas appoints Fran Chardo to serve as District Attorney

HARRISBURG, PA (November 22, 2017) - President Judge Richard A. Lewis today announced that First Assistant District Attorney Fran Chardo was selected among three applicants in a “straw vote” to succeed Judge–Elect Edward M. Marsico, Jr. as Dauphin County District Attorney.  The vote was held following applicant interviews and a meeting of the sitting judges, along with the three newly elected judges who will take office in January.
Lewis indicated that the Court of Common Pleas is charged with filling any vacancy in the office of district attorney for the unexpired term once the vacancy has occurred.  Since District Attorney Marsico will not take the bench until the new year, “the straw vote allows for some level of preparation and transition to head an office that is staffed with 30 attorneys processing an annual case load of more than 7,000 new dockets,” according to Lewis.  He added that the official vote to fill the vacancy will occur on January 2, 2018.