Dauphin County Commissioners remind residents struggling with depression or  addiction that county services are available 24/7

HARRISBURG, PA (March 27, 2020) – If worry and anxiety over the coronavirus seem too much to deal with, the Dauphin County Commissioners want residents to know help with anxiety, depression, grief or addiction is just a phone call away.

“We know people are hurting – they are worried about their family’s health, their jobs and what will happen next as the grim news about coronavirus continues,’’ said Commissioner George P. Hartwick, III. “We want all residents to know they are not alone.’’

Experts also warn that the isolation brought on by the need to self-quarantine and maintain social distancing may cause some to think about harming themselves. The Commissioners stress that if you are thinking about suicide or fear a friend or family member is, professional help is available. 

“We understand how hard it can be for someone falling into depression to reach out and ask for help,’’ said board Chairman Jeff Haste. “Recognizing that obstacle, we are here, ready to make the healing process as simple, supportive and convenient as we can.”

Dauphin County’s provider network of addiction and counseling services are available 24/7, and someone always answers the phone. During the coronavirus outbreak, caseworkers are contacting overdose victims taken to area hospitals over the phone and arranging for them to get immediate treatment.

“If you or someone you know needs help, now is the time to seek treatment,” said Commissioner Mike Pries.  “Talking to someone and accessing professional support can mean the difference between life and death.” 

How to get help:

  • Those needing assistance who don’t have a family doctor or insurance, or aren’t sure about their coverage, can also contact Dauphin County’s Case Management Unit at 717-232-8761 or 1-866-820-3516. https://www.cmu.cc/ 
  • Assistance for older residents is available by calling the county’s Area Agency on Aging at 717-780-6130. Caseworkers are conducting assessments over the phone and can help older residents receiving Meals on Wheels and other services, such as in-home personal care. Caseworkers can also help older residents who are dealing with anxiety and stress due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Additional online drug and alcohol recovery resources:

Note: Some online meetings may use Zoom. If that is the case, individuals will need to download zoom by either their smart phone or computer. To keep individual anonymity, individuals can put their last initial when they sign up for a zoom account. If anyone has any questions, they can call Dauphin County Drug and Alcohol at 717 635-2254.

  • Narcotics Anonymous PA has a FB page for those that have social media. Each group updates the page if their home group is open or closed. The help number for NA is 717-233-3733. If a client does not feel comfortable leaving their house or is unable too for whatever reason, then they have the option to search the Virtual Meetings.