Solid Waste Management & Recycling

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Keith Kepler, Director

1625 South Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA  17104
Main Office: (717) 982-6772
Fax: (717) 982-6773

Application for Designation as a Disposal Facility for Construction/Demolition Waste

Welcome to our Department! 

Our Department implements and enforces the Dauphin County PA-Act 101 Municipal Waste Management Plan. In addition, we operate the county's Recycling Center for appliances, electronics, and mercury-thermostats; as well we operate and service 10 voluntary recycling drop off centers throughout Dauphin County. We will continually strive to be proactive to provide innovative and cost effective waste management, recycling and educational programs for a sustainable future.


The Dauphin County Solid Waste Management & Recycling department is guiding the way for waste management within the county. We are dedicated to helping Dauphin County prosper with waste disposal options for residents and businesses. Our educational programs, including our recycling mascot, promote our environmental ideology to businesses, schools and the general public. Recycling and preferable environmental practices should be habitual and Dauphin County has several programs in place to reach that goal.
The Solid Waste Management & Recycling Department provides Dauphin County the assurance of a fully integrated solid waste management plan; which includes proper disposal management, education, drop off recycling sites and non-traditional recycling opportunities. All waste from Dauphin County is carefully monitored to ensure safety.