Exemption Recertification

Dauphin County is engineering a tax exemption recertification process that would update records on file and determine any existing tax-exempt properties in need of review. If the Board of Commissioners approves this project, it would involve tax-exempt properties providing current 501 (c)(3) paperwork and other applicable documents. It has been several years since the county has updated its repository of such documents.

We are providing below the required steps and documents relevant to the respective tax-exempt categories. This is being offered as information to help existing property owners maintain current documentation.

Please gather and prepare copies of listed required documents in scanned electronic PDF document file format, in preparation for submission once the program is enacted, tentatively planned for early 2022.

Please identify and select your Exemption Category from the list shown here. Click the link for your selected Exemption Category to view associated required documentation.

Required Documents: 

Category 1:  Required Documents for Worship and/or Worship Related Organizations

Category 2:  Required Documents for Institution of Purely Public Charity

Category 3: Required Documents for Entities Organized Under the Municipality Authorities Act of 1945

Category 4: Required Documents for A Public Utility Owned Property

Category 5: Required Documents for School Building(s) – Public, Private

Category 6: Required Documents for Governmental Entities