Exemption Recertification

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Dauphin County has commenced a tax exemption recertification process that requires tax-exempt property owners to update records on file. The Board of Commissioners approved this project in a public forum. The project requires tax-exempt properties to provide current 501 (c)(3) paperwork and other applicable documents. It has been several years since the county has updated its repository of such documents.

This initiative is being undertaken to promote tax fairness in Dauphin County. Tax-exempt properties must complete this application process, otherwise exempt status will be impacted.

Below are the steps and documents required for submission for each tax-exempt category. Please use this information to determine the documents required for your respective tax-exempt category.

Property owners are encouraged to scan the required documents to PDF format in preparation for submission. A first mailing to partially-exempt properties occurred on March 4, 2022. Those who received that letter, can submit documents online, beginning March 10, 2022. A second mailing – to fully-exempt properties – is expected on April 4, 2022. Recipients of those letters can submit online immediately.

Contact: 717-780-6101 or exemptionreview@dauphincounty.gov.

Submission Form
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Required Documents: 

Category 1:  Required Documents for Worship and/or Worship Related Organizations

Category 2:  Required Documents for Institution of Purely Public Charity

Category 3: Required Documents for Entities Organized Under the Municipality Authorities Act of 1945

Category 4: Required Documents for A Public Utility Owned Property

Category 5: Required Documents for School Building(s) – Public, Private

Category 6: Required Documents for Governmental Entities

Category 7: Miscellaneous