Dauphin County Prison Visitation Rules

Any individual failing to comply with the rules and regulations of Dauphin County Prison, displaying or encouraging disruptive behavior, using profanity, not properly supervising children, or appearing to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will not be permitted to visit at Dauphin County Prison.

Visitors under the age of eighteen (18) years must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years of age or older.  Visitors over sixteen (16) years of age must have two (2) forms of identification; one (1) must be a government-issued photo I.D. No identification will be required for visitors under sixteen (16) years of age.

All visitors must arrive no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled visitation time.  Only those individuals who have been authorized for a visit will be permitted in the lobby area and must leave upon completion of their visits.  Limited space does not permit loitering in the lobby area.  Visitors must clear all security checks to be permitted into the visitation area.

     - All visitors must be dressed in a manner that is accepted by the Administration:
     - Dresses, skirts, shorts and similar attire must touch the knee.
     - No see-through, tight, low-cut or revealing clothing will be permitted.  Button-front shirts may not be
        unbuttoned to the point of being low-cut or revealing.
     - All shirts and blouses must have sleeves that are at least two (2) inches long.
     - No bathing suits.
     - Appropriate undergarments must be worn.
     - No clothing with hoods.
     - No pants with holes.

Only two (2) visitors will be permitted to visit at one time. Should an infant or child come to visit, he/she must occupy the same seat as the adult visitor.  If more than two (2) people come to visit, the inmate will decide how to divide the allotted time.

Personal Property
All visitors are to place all personal belongings in the lockers provided in the lobby area.  No personal items will be permitted in the visitation area, except two (2) forms of identification and a locker key.

     - No cell phones, umbrellas, purses, wallets, scarves, coats, or hats, etc., will be permitted in the visitation area.
     - No baby bottles, toys, diapers, diaper bags, pacifiers or blankets will be permitted in the visitation area.
     - No magazines, pictures, books, or newspapers will be permitted in the visitation area.
     - No tobacco products, matches, or lighters will be permitted in the visitation area.
     - No clothing for inmates will be accepted during visitation. These items will only be accepted during normal  
        business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, with an approved request slip.

There is a kiosk in the lobby of the Prison for cash deposits and credit card deposits into an inmate's account. Cash deposits are automatic and credit card deposits are processed within three (3) hours of deposit to an inmate's account.

Mail may not be given to an inmate. All mail must be sent through the United States Postal Service.

Former inmates will not be granted contact visitation.

Once a visitor leaves the visitation area, for any reason, they will NOT be permitted to return.

A visitor's refusal to submit to the search procedure will result in termination of that current visitation period and a ban from visitation privileges for at least one (1) year.

Any individual failing to comply with the above mentioned rules and regulations will be required to immediately leave Dauphin County Prison and the surrounding grounds and will be placed on the visitation denial list for at least one year.

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