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Inmate Classification

The Dauphin County Prison utilizes a comprehensive classification system in an attempt to meet the needs of each inmate. Inmates shall be placed in the Classification Unit as soon as they have been processed by the Booking Officer and shall remain in this unit for up to ten days, excluding weekends and holidays, after commitment. During this time, an inmate shall receive a physical examination, be interviewed by a chaplain or religious volunteer and an intake worker, and may be seen by various outside agencies such as representatives of Pre-Trial Services, Public Defender’s Office, and/or the Parole Office. An inmate is also seen during this time by the Treatment Evaluator or designee to determine appropriate classification and relevant housing issues. From the information gathered, it will be determined where an inmate shall be housed, according to individual needs. There shall be no visitation while housed in the Classification Unit.

Phone Usage
No personal calls or long distance calls are provided to inmates. Verified emergencies (i.e. hospitalizations, deaths) will be addressed on an as-needed basis. Inmates are encouraged to communicate with family, friends and others by writing.

Setting Up a Phone Account
The phone company that provides telephone service for inmates is Global Tel*Link (GTL). Inmates will usually receive their PIN number the next business day after they are incarcerated. They must write this PIN number down and keep it secure throughout their stay in DCP. If they lose their PIN number, the inmate can send a request slip to the Deputy Warden of Security to have the PIN number reissued. DCP cannot set up a phone account for inmates; friends and/or family members must set it up. Phone accounts are set up according to phone number, not the inmate’s name or DCP#. If someone sends money to GTL, or authorizes a credit card charge, they must specify the phone number they wish to apply the funds to and that will be the only phone number the inmate will be able to call (unless multiple accounts are set up using different phone numbers).  Inmates can also use their commissary money to place a debit call to a friend and/or family member. 

To set up a phone account, call GTL at 800-483-8314 or visit You will need to have a credit card in order to create an account or add money to your existing account. If you do not have access to a credit card, call GTL at the above number and they will give you instructions for setting up an account with a money order. Inmates have specific hours for telephone usage on a daily basis. It shall be the inmate’s responsibility to schedule their calls and notify friends and family of the time. Calls shall be scheduled for 15 minutes.

Tablet Account and Video Visits

General population inmates also have access to a tablet provided by Global Tel*Link (GTL).  Inmates have access to free and pay services on the tablet.  To add funds to an inmate’s account, visit or call 1-866-516-0115. 

For more information on instructions and services provided, please click the below link:

Tablet and Video Visit Information link

Phone Instructions for Inmates

All inmates of Dauphin County Prison shall be entitled to send and receive mail; however, Dauphin County Prison reserves the right to inspect/screen all incoming mail for contraband.  Legal mail is inspected in the presence of the inmate. As of May 2021, incoming personal letters must be sent to a new address for scanning and delivery on the inmate tablets.

All incoming and outgoing mail shall be properly addressed. Mail received without a return address shall not be delivered to the inmate. It is the inmate’s responsibility to inform anyone corresponding with them that they must place a return name and address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. Incoming mail must be properly addressed with the inmate’s proper name; the Prison does not recognize nicknames.   If mailing a money order, include the inmate's proper name and DCP inmate # inside the envelope.  Address envelopes containing money orders to the attention of the Business Office.  Do not include personal correspondence to the inmate when sending in a money order.

Address for legal mail only:
EXAMPLE:     Inmate Name, DCP# 
Dauphin County Prison 
501 Mall Road 
Harrisburg, PA 17111 

Address for mailing money orders only:
Dauphin County Prison 
Attention:  Business Office
501 Mall Road 
Harrisburg, PA 17111 

There is no limit on the amount of mail an inmate may send or receive while incarcerated.  There is no limit on the amount of legal mail that may be retained if it pertains to the inmate’s pending case(s). 

Medical Services
Dauphin County Prison maintains contracted medical services within the facility for the purpose of providing healthcare to the inmate population. As inmates are processed through the Classification Unit, a medical data base is established in order to develop a long range individualized plan of care. In accordance with the Dauphin County Prison Policy of Financial Responsibility, fees will be charged for certain medical and dental services and over-the-counter medications. The Medical Department at Dauphin County Prison is in existence to offer service to those inmates who are in need of medical attention. Inmates will never be denied medical care, dental care, or any appropriate medical service.

Routine Sick Call: Sick call is conducted on a routine basis, seven days per week, for routine treatment of acute or chronic illnesses. Inmates wishing to be seen on Sick Call should fill out a request slip and place it in the Medical Box located on their housing unit. Inmates requiring physician attention will be assessed and referred to the appropriate physician/physician assistant. Minor illnesses will be treated by medical personnel.

Emergency Medical Care: Emergency medical care is available and Medical and all other staff have been trained to respond to these emergencies in the appropriate manner so that emergency care can be immediate and continuous.

Treatment Services
The Treatment Department provides counseling, educational, operational, and community connection services to approximately 1,000 inmates housed in the Prison. The Treatment Department is separated into four areas:
(1) Counseling: Provides treatment planning, group coun-seling, one-on-one individual counseling, and casework advoca-cy services. Three Therapeutic Communities are also available to the inmates. This section is supervised by the Treatment Coordinator.
(2) Education: Provides educational services as needed for the inmate population, in addition to GED/ESL and Adult Basic education. Additionally, this section oversees both the lending and law libraries. Any inmate wishing to attend law library must submit a request slip for each request for law library. This section is overseen by the Education Coordinator.
(3) Operations: Provides services by assigning inmates to trusty status and processing those inmates requested by Work Release staff to move to the Work Release Center. Operations is responsible for classification, including the initial intake procedure, and proper housing of all inmates. In addition, staff assigned to operations handles all parole recommendations and provides secretarial/clerical support services. This section is supervised by the Treatment Evaluator.
(4) Community Connections: Provides religious programming through two full-time Chaplains covering all religions. This section also provides group services through our 300 volunteers and is supervised by the Community Connections Coordinator.


All inmates in general population are eligible to order commissary items on a weekly basis. Inmate accounts are set up automatically upon commitment. Family members may put money on an inmate account in three ways: (1) by placing a money order in the drop box located in the front entry of the Prison (the money order should include the inmate’s proper name and DCP#); (2) by using the Kiosk located in the main lobby of the Prison (the Kiosk accepts cash or credit deposits); and (3) by posting a deposit via the internet. To create an account and deposit money online visit  and follow all instructions. Be sure to choose “Dauphin County Prison" before creating your account.

Connect Network Commissary

Indigent Inmates
Basic necessities are provided to inmates who are legitimately without any funds in their commissary account. Inmates must be committed for no less than 30 days before an indigent determination will be made. Additionally, this determination will be made on a case-by-case basis. However, upon commitment all inmates receive basic hygiene necessities. Any inmate identified as indigent may also order a supplemental hygiene kit on a bi-weekly basis. These kits also include two envelopes and paper. 

Clergy Visits
A clergy person visiting an inmate must be the official representative of the inmate’s faith group. Should the clergy be related to the inmate, another official representative must be designated to visit. Inmates are to provide the Prison with the name of their clergy member (Priest, Rabbi, Pastor, Imam, or other Spiritual Advisor) at the time of commitment in order for the Chaplain to validate that they are an official representative of the inmate’s religious affiliation. Clergy approved to visit an inmate will be recorded by the Chaplain as they are verified and approved. Clergy are allowed visits, either contact or non-contact, depending on the circumstances. These visits may take place between 8:00a.m.—10:30am, 1:00pm—1:50pm, 2:15pm—3:30pm and 6:00pm—8:30pm daily, and should be limited to approximately ½ hour. Situations requiring a visit at another time are to be referred to the Chaplain who will provide for such visitation if determined necessary.

The policy of the Dauphin County Prison is to encourage visits with family members, friends, and relatives. It is ex-pected that all inmates and visitors will comply with the rules and regulations governing the visitation policy. The visitation schedule, which is subject to change, is posted on each block. IT IS THE INMATE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY VISITORS of the scheduled time and day of visits, of any changes which may occur, and of the rules and regulations governing visitation. Prison staff will not give out visitation days and times.

Inmates shall be granted one visiting period per week for 50 minutes. These visits shall be non-contact.

Those inmates housed in a Classification or Restrictive Housing Unit are not eligible for a visit. Additionally, it may become necessary for the Shift Commander to temporarily suspend an inmate’s visitation privileges due to a disciplinary infraction which occurred during visitation. Visitation privileges may also be suspended indefinitely during any emergency and will not be made up.

Visitation for the general population is non-contact. A contact visit (or merit visitation) is an earned privilege for inmates who completed a Therapeutic Community or an approved parenting program.

Inmates that wish to release personal property to family or friends must submit a written and request slip to the Major. All request slips must list the specific item(s) to be released in addition to the full name and address of the person receiving the items. Items will not be re-leased until approved by the Major. If an inmate has been released from DCP, a notarized letter from the inmate is required. All items must be picked up between Monday and Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Court Clothes
Inmates must submit a written request slip to the Shift Commander for approval if the wish to have court clothes dropped off. All requests must list specifically what will be brought in. Jeans, sneakers, underwear, and t-shirts will not be approved. If clothing is already being held for an inmate, an exchange of clothing must be made. All clothing drop offs and exchanges are handled between Monday and Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.