Commissary Information

Commissary Information

All inmates in general population are eligible to order commissary items on a weekly basis. Inmate accounts are set up automatically upon commitment.

Connect Network Commissary

There is a commissary kiosk machine located in the Mainside lobby area that can be used to deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account. You will need the inmate’s DCP number or their date of birth. Prior to finalizing the deposit, please be certain that you have selected the correct inmate.

You can also deposit money into an inmate’s account via the internet. To create your account and send money visit:

From the home page, select Services then Trust Fund.  On this page you will find instructions on how to set up an account and deposit funds to the inmate’s account.  

DO NOT ENTER “www.” BEFORE THIS WEB ADDRESS. Follow all instructions when setting up your account before your first log-in. Entering your driver’s license number and social security number will speed up the approval process for your account. Additionally, when entering your payment information please make sure you enter your own information and not that of the inmate.

After logging in, select “PA” then “Dauphin County Prison” before entering the DCP number or the inmate’s last name. Verify you are sending money to the correct inmate before completing your transaction.

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