Dauphin County Commissioners OK Tax-Exempt Recertification Program to Promote Countywide Tax Fairness

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The Dauphin County Commissioners approved the 2022 launch of a tax-exempt recertification program to promote tax fairness across the county.

The program, administered by the Dauphin County Tax Assessment Office, is not a reassessment, but a recertification of all tax-exempt parcels in the county.

There are about 4,000 tax-exempt parcels in the county – not including tax immune parcels, such as state and federal buildings.

About 22 percent of Dauphin County parcels are tax exempt. The recertification program is expected to explain why that percentage is slightly higher than neighboring counties.

“This is about tax fairness and making sure everyone is paying their due share,” Dauphin County Commissioner George P. Hartwick, III said. “We will make sure this program is communicated to those who could be impacted before it goes into effect.”

The commissioners adopted a resolution at an Oct. 6 public meeting to commence the program. An initial presentation to the board happened in June.

Tax-exempt parcel owners will be mailed letters notifying them of the documents required for submission to the tax assessment office.

“These are documents owners should already have in their possession,” Dauphin County Commissioner Chair Mike Pries said. “We are working to minimize the inconvenience.”

Owners can submit the application and documents at this webpage or contact the tax assessment office about in-person submission. The webpage also explains what documents are required regarding each exemption category (e.g., places of worship, schools, etc.).

The program will launch in February and March 2022. Parcels determined not to be exempt will be placed on the tax rolls for 2023.

“This is the first time Dauphin County has taken such a deep dive into confirming exemption status,” Dauphin County Commissioner Chad Saylor said. “We are not out to punish; this is to ensure fairness.”

MEDIA CONTACT: Brett Hambright, Press Secretary, 717-780-6311; bhambright@dauphinc.org.