With Master Site Plan in Place, Dauphin County Commissioners Look Forward to the Future for Detweiler Park

Detweiler AFTER CROP

A master site plan incorporating public input is in place for the future of Detweiler Park, a 411-acre tract of trails, forest, and recreation area by Peters Mountain in Dauphin County.

The Dauphin County Commissioners approved a master site plan that outlines the ongoing expansion of Detweiler Park from a private estate to a public park.

“You cannot read over this long-term plan for Detweiler Park and not become very excited for what the future holds,” said Dauphin County Commissioner Chad Saylor, who oversees the Parks & Recreation Department. 

The park was initially opened in 2017, acquired by the county through a combination of gift and purchase.

The park is open to visitors.

A 15-person steering committee developed a master plan for the expansions and additions, including trail, meadow, and park amenity improvements. That planning process involved a series of public meetings where residents and visitors offered input.

“We asked the people who enjoy the park and live near it what they want to see in the years ahead,” Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries said. “We think this plan accounts for that input.”

The Board of Commissioners approved the plan in the spring, so the next steps include securing funding via grants and other sources.

Also, efforts are underway to establish Friends of Detweiler Park, an independent support group.

“Our parks and leisure spaces really are gems of Dauphin County,” Commissioner George P. Hartwick III said. “Stepping onto the trails of Detweiler Park is like walking in a different world.”

The master site plan is dedicated to the memory of Vera Cornish, a study committee member.

Stay tuned for more information on development of the project and visit DetweilerPark.org.

Read the Master Site Plan.

(Depicted is a simulation of the finished project.)

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