Dauphin County Treasurer’s Office: Antlerless Deer Licenses Accepted By Mail Only, Starting July 12


The 2021-2022 general hunting licenses are now on sale throughout Pennsylvania.

The PGC increased the transaction fee for all hunting licenses to 97 cents. The cost for a Pennsylvania resident antlerless deer license is now $6.97. A non-resident antlerless deer license is $26.97.

The County Treasurer’s Office will begin accepting Pa. resident antlerless deer applications by mail only on July 12. The Treasurer’s Office recommends mailing applications no earlier than July 9.

Per PGC rules, any resident applications received prior to July 12 will be returned unprocessed. Any checks received for the wrong amount must be returned to the applicant unprocessed; this will jeopardize the hunter’s choice of WMU.

It is important that all applicants submit payment for the correct amount and preferably send a separate check with each application. This ensures that if one hunter’s application cannot be processed, all other applications are not adversely affected.

A new rule allows hunters to apply for and obtain up to six antlerless deer licenses for any WMU in which licenses remain available prior to the start of hunting season. Hunters may obtain no more than three antlerless deer licenses during the initial mail-in rounds. Each hunter will qualify for at least three additional licenses when over-the-counter sales commence.

Many WMUs will sell out by Sept. 13, so the ability to secure six licenses will be limited.

Hunters who obtain six antlerless deer licenses may apply for additional licenses, if available, as they harvest deer and report them.

Hunters who report harvests online through HuntFish.PA.gov or call the Customer Support line at 1-800-838-4431 instantly become eligible to purchase another license based on availability. Hunters who report their harvest by mail will not be eligible to purchase additional licenses until their report is logged.