Dauphin County Register of Wills’ New Online System Offers Easy Filing and Eliminates In-Person Interaction

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The Dauphin County Register of Wills Office is unveiling a new, state-of-the-art virtual application and appointment system that will limit in-person contact while saving time for filers of estate and Orphans’ Court documents.

Register of Wills and Orphans’ Court Clerk Jean Marfizo King is implementing the new system in response to in-office restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, filers of will documents had to physically visit Marfizo King’s office at the County Courthouse and were helped on a first-come first-served basis.

Under the new GovOS eMarriage, eProbate, and eFiling systems, filers can submit applications, probates and miscellaneous filings online and have appointments with Marfizo King’s staff virtually.

“This system makes life easier and safer for those who need services from our office,” Marfizo King said this week. “No longer will residents have to interrupt their busy schedules to drive to the courthouse, find parking, then wait for an appointment on arrival.”

In some cases, paper copies must still be mailed to the Register of Wills Office to finalize the process, but trips to the office are virtually eliminated in most situations – a huge benefit considering the pandemic’s impact on in-person interactions.

“And this modernized upgrade of our systems is not costing the taxpayer a dime,” Marfizo King said. “This project is paid for by CARES Act funding.”

The GovOS systems have progressed through three phases thus far. eMarriage launched on Dec. 31, and  eProbate followed on Feb. 26. eFiling for existing cases launches this week, and eFiling for case creation will happen in early June.

“I give huge credit to my staff who were able to adapt quite seamlessly to a system that has essentially overhauled our previous way of doing things,” Marfizo King said.

Any user may access these platforms by visiting www.dauphincounty.org/wills.  No preregistration or logins are required.

The Register of Wills and Orphans’ Court Clerk is a dual office responsible for probating estates, issuing and filing marriage licenses and serves as a repository for adoptions, guardianships, and estate litigation.

Jean Marfizo King, a life-long resident of Dauphin County, was first elected to the position in November 2011 and was sworn into office in January 2012. Marfizo King is currently serving in her third term and is committed to providing the public with exceptional service.

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