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Police officers and investigators committed to public safety, a prosecutor who seeks justice for abused children, and three brave citizens were honored Tuesday by Dauphin County District Attorney Fran Chardo.

District Attorney Chardo presented his annual awards during National Police Week.

Dauphin County Commissioners Mike Pries and George Hartwick, along with numerous police chiefs, officers, elected county officials, and community members attended the ceremony.

In all, four police officers and investigators, a prosecutor, and three citizens were honored.

They were:

Lieutenant Robert "Bo" McCallister Memorial Award for Outstanding Service as a Patrol Officer to Officer Brian R. Egli (Lower Paxton Township Police Department). DA Chardo highlighted a rape investigation when Egli gathered crucial evidence to the case, including a description of a suspect and evidence that the suspect had frequented a McDonald’s near the crime scene. The evidence led to an arrest.

Detective Samuel Thomas Kohr Memorial Award for Outstanding Service as a Detective to Detective Ryan S. Gartland (Swatara Township Police Department). DA Chardo called Gartland a “master at obtaining evidence lawfully.” DA Chardo commended Gartland’s integrity, saying the detective will only proceed with a charge/prosecution when he is certain the case is sound and in accordance with Rules of Evidence.

Detective Samuel Thomas Kohr Memorial Award for Outstanding Service as a Detective to Detective Jason Paul (Harrisburg Bureau of Police). DA Chardo called Paul a superb interviewer “with a knack for getting the truth.” Paul credited his colleagues for the team effort involved in the department’s great work.

Detective Willie Holland Memorial Award for Outstanding Career Service as a Police Officer, an inaugural award, went to Detective William Bryan Jackson (formerly of the Harrisburg Bureau of Police, currently with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office). Jackson said he was honored to receive the award because he considered Holland a mentor and a friend.

“I am just a lawman doing my job,” Jackson said, quoting Marshal Matt Dillon from the hit show, Gunsmoke.

LeRoy S. Zimmerman Award for Outstanding Service by a Prosecutor to Deputy District Attorney Katie Adam, of the child abuse unit. DA Chardo said, “Katie embraces the difficult work, and takes to heart the pain caused to these child victims and seeks justice for them.”

District Attorney’s Awards for Outstanding Service by a Citizen to Avon Burton, Belinda Moore, and Jere’e Clark. Burton and Moore both assisted a 16-year-old boy who was shot in Harrisburg. Burton said she was proud to represent her Allison Hill neighborhood and that others came to the boy’s aid as well.

Clark stopped to assist a 10-year-old boy in Swatara Township who had accidentally shot his brother. Clark said other passers-by just kept driving instead of lending a hand.

DA Chardo celebrated the brave citizens by telling the audience, “Justice is everyone’s business.”

“At risk to themselves, they stepped in and stepped up to help someone they did not know,” Chardo said.

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