COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Dauphin County Prison Provides Doses to Over 150 Inmates

COVID Vaccine bottles

More than 150 Dauphin County Prison inmates received COVID-19 vaccination on Wednesday, when first doses were administered to inmates who requested one.

Hershey Pharmacy provided doses for the one-day clinic. PrimeCare, medical provider for the prison, administered 157 doses. Second doses will be administered in May.

In all, 220 inmates signed up to be vaccinated Wednesday; several opted out of appointments.

Prison officials are offering, but not mandating, vaccination for prison inmates.

“Dauphin County feels it essential that every inmate wishing to be vaccinated for COVID-19 has that opportunity,” Dauphin County Commissioner and Prison Board Chair Mike Pries said. “A big thank you to Hershey Pharmacy for continuing to be a valued community partner.”

In the past month, 527 rapid COVID tests were administered to inmates.

“This is another example of the medical care offered and provided to inmates at the prison,” Dauphin County Commissioner Chair Jeff Haste said. “The level of care is comprehensive and meticulously recorded by PrimeCare.”

There have been no COVID-related deaths at the prison.

On average, inmates have over 100,000 appointments with medical staff each year.

New intakes at the prison since January are polled on their interest in receiving the vaccine.

Vaccinations started Wednesday at 9 a.m.

“The county took another step today in improving prison operations and procedures,” County Commissioner George P. Hartwick III said. “Those efforts are ongoing and will continue to strengthen protections of inmates, staff and visitors.”

Dauphin County Director of Corrections Brian Clark said about 64 staffers were recently vaccinated (with Hershey Pharmacy providing doses) at a separate clinic. Second doses are scheduled for May 5.

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