Three Mile Island's owner extends payment agreement for two years

HARRISBURG, PA (November 29, 2017)The Dauphin County Commissioners today approved a two-year, $1.86 million extension of Three Mile Island’s (TMI) payment in addition to real estate tax agreement that they say underscores the plant’s importance to the community.
Between real estate taxes and the additional payment agreement, the county, Londonderry Township and the Lower Dauphin School District in 2017 received a combined $1.5 million from Exelon Corporation, TMI’s owner.
“Exelon Corporation continues to be a good corporate citizen and we thank them for extending this agreement,’’ said board Chairman Jeff Haste. “As the future of TMI is decided, this is another reminder of the importance the plant plays in our local economy.’’
The extension keeps the same payments initially negotiated in 2008 to end a dispute over TMI’s assessed real estate value. Under the agreement, the county receives $254,634 annually, Londonderry Township receives $37,665 and the school district receives $637,701. In real estate taxes, this year Exelon paid $129,237 to the county, $89,425 to Londonderry and $329,442 to the school district.
“We at Three Mile Island Generating Station are enthused that each party could come to an agreement," said Site Vice President Ed Callan.
"Our employees are committed to being good partners in the community by operating our plant safely and reliably,’’ Callan said. “This agreement shows our devotion to Dauphin County as we strive to continue to be an economic engine by providing tax payments and supporting our local vendors."
Commissioner Mike Pries said taxpayers would be forced to shoulder a more significant burden for education and municipal services without TMI.
“As TMI’s future is debated, I’ve stressed the important role of the plant to our local economy in terms of good-paying jobs and a reliable source of clean energy,’’ Pries said. “Today’s agreement is another example of why this region needs to support TMI’s continued operation.’’
Commissioner George P. Hartwick, III joined the board in thanking Exelon for its commitment to the community.
“Today’s agreement shows yet another way our entire community would suffer if TMI were forced to end operations,’’ Hartwick said. “Moving forward, we have to find a way to preserve the family-sustaining jobs and other economic benefits this plant provides for our entire region.’’
Township officials also commended Exelon for its continued community support.
“Londonderry Township is fortunate to have a strong partner in TMI and Exelon Corporation, and we deeply appreciate their support of, and investment in, our community, said Londonderry Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Ron Kopp.  “This agreement is one more example of their willingness to voluntarily help the region in which they reside, and we look forward to working together in the future.”
School district officials agreed.
“The Lower Dauphin School District is grateful that Exelon-TMI continues to be such a tremendous community partner even in light of their impending closure,” said Dr. Sherri L. Smith, school district superintendent.
“The agreement between Three Mile Island and the three taxing authorities provides a great deal of support to our budgets,’’ Smith said. “It is our hope that the General Assembly recognize the importance of Three Mile Island, not only as a community asset, but as a means to provide clean, reliable energy for the Commonwealth.”
Earlier this year, Exelon announced that TMI could close in September of 2019 unless Pennsylvania approved measures it said are needed to keep the plant economically viable.