Dauphin County commissioners extend interest-free grace period for property owners with 2019 delinquent property taxes due to COVID-19

HARRISBURG, PA (March 19, 2020) – As a result of COVID-19, Dauphin County Commissioners Jeff Haste, Mike Pries and George P. Hartwick, III are extending an interest-free grace period to all property owners with 2019 delinquent property taxes. Property owners now have until Friday, May 29, 2020, to pay their taxes in full and take advantage of the program.

“Recognizing the hardships and challenges caused by COVID-19, we’re extending the interest-free grace period to help property owners who may be struggling,” said Hartwick, who oversees the county’s Tax Claim Bureau.

Approximately 10,000 first-class letters, which included a breakdown of taxes owed and costs for properties, were mailed mid-February to property owners with unpaid 2019 real property taxes.

“We encourage taxpayers to take advantage of this extended grace period,” said Haste.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep county government running smoothly while helping residents during this difficult time,” said Pries.

For more information about the interest-free grace period or delinquent property taxes, please contact the county’s Tax Claim Bureau at 717-780-6125 or visit www.DauphinCounty.org and enter “tax claim” in the search feature.