Tax Bill File

The following PDF file is a list of all County property taxes on the Dauphin County Tax system. Be advised that this file is not in real time, but rather a snapshot taken once each week and may be one week old. This file should be used for verification of payment purposes only. The City of Harrisburg real estate tax is not included. Also, Conewago Township does not have a municipal real estate tax.

Tax Bill File
  • Payment schedules for Annual Bill Types are as follows:
    • February and March-Discount Period
    • April and May-Flat Period
    • June and July-5% Penalty Period
    • August thru December-10% Penalty Period
  • Payment schedules for Interim 1 Bill Types are as follows:
    • March and April-Discount Period
    • May and June-Flat Period
    • July and August-5% Penalty Period
    • September thru December-10% Penalty Period
  • Payment schedules for Interim 2 Bill Types are as follows:
    • August and September-Discount Period
    • October and November-Flat Period
    • December and January-5% Penalty Period
    • February and March-10% Penalty Period (payable to the Tax Claim Bureau)
Adjustments to property assessments throughout the year may alter tax levies. Contact the local tax collector for exact payment amounts, payment periods for discount, flat and penalty amounts, and payment procedures.
(If you need to search this file for specific information, the search will be faster if you download this file to your desktop. Please Right-Click the link and choose Save Target As)