Children and Youth 

Reading-TogetherChildren and Youth has several hundred volunteers that take meaningful action aiding the younger persons of Dauphin County. Volunteers interact with youth in a variety of different programs.
Contact Person: Kathy Frey
Phone: (717) 780-7191

System of Care 
SOC works to improve communication and collaboration between all child-serving systems, strengthen relationships between families and systems, and connect informal supports and formal child-service systems to better serve children and families. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Please contact System of Care for more information.
Contact Person: Helen Spence
Phone: 717-780-6888


  • The Community Based subcommittee works with many different Agencies and organizations to bring services and resources to families and to aid in child welfare crisis.
  • The Cultural Competent committee attempts to keep the volunteer programs of the other committees culturally applicable and to provide education and training to those engaging in the volunteer programs.
  • The Faith-Based committee mobilizes the many faith-based organizations of the county to aid in many different programs and to provide support for children and families.
  • The Parents Advisory committee experienced parents, caretakers and foster parents provide their expertise in training and support to struggling parents.
  • The Youth committee is made up of volunteers and at-risk youth who want to act as a voice for youth by youth. 
  • They take part in different programs and some national youth conferences.
MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) 
Children and Youth has a standing Multi-Disciplinary Team composed of seventeen (17) professionals from a variety of disciplines who serve on a voluntary basis as consultants to Children and Youth. This Team convenes monthly. The Team provides or recommends comprehensive coordinated treatment for families and periodically assesses the effectiveness of treatment and progress that families have made. The Team also reviews mandated cases of prior substantiated abuses.