COVID-19 Vaccine Info

Questions about the Coronavirus Vaccine

Vaccines are safe and effective.  They are the best way to protect you and your loved ones from serious illnesses, including COVID-19.

Initial supplies of COVID-19 vaccine are limited.  The PA Department of Health is currently distributing doses and has a four-phase plan, which begins by vaccinating those most at-risk of illness, such as health care workers, persons aged 65 or older and residents of long-term care facilities. The state is also determining locations for vaccination sites.  The state is currently in Phase 1A.

To learn more about the plan, take a vaccine eligibility quiz, find vaccination locations in your area and access other vaccine-related issues, visit: 
COVID-19 Interim Vaccination Plan V.5 (

Other entities may be soliciting contact information for a registry or waiting list. Be aware that only the locations storing and administering the vaccine are the gatekeepers to vaccine access. The quantity of vaccine doses available will determine how quickly immunizations can be offered.  Everything possible is being done to move as fast as possible.   

COVID-19 Take Your Best Shot