Prison Page


Dauphin County Prison is a local adult detention facility, which has an average daily population of approximately 1000 and provides for the care, custody and control of both pre-trial detainees and sentenced offenders. Above and beyond providing a safe, secure environment for inmates and staff, Dauphin County Prison is committed to exerting a positive influence on the community in a number of ways:
  • Counseling and programming within the facility allows offenders to deal with the addictions and behaviors which brought them to prison, and to refrain from returning to the same life style upon release, thereby helping them break the cycle of re-incarceration, and lightening the tax burden on the public.
  • Life skills and educational classes offered to the inmates help them prepare to deal with the needs and stress of everyday life, and to seek gainful employment upon release, thus becoming tax-paying citizens and productive members of society.
  • Inmate work crews provide services to the community by assisting county agencies or municipalities with various projects, cleaning up litter, growing produce for donation to soup kitchens to help feed the hungry, and after heavy snowfalls, clearing snow from the township's fire hydrants and shoveling snow for aged or disabled individuals.
The Prison's philosophy is not to warehouse individuals, but rather to offer programs that will enhance the incarcerated individuals' abilities to deal with normal everyday activities while providing offenders with the opportunity to "give back" to the community.