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Fort Hunter Park
At this County Park along the Susquehanna River, you'll find an easy-to-use historic site within 40 scenic acres. The  landscape, inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years, now features 1700s and 1800s buildings as well as picnic pavilions and playgrounds.

Our children-friendly staff provides tours of the Fort Hunter Mansion and oversees the hands-on workshop.

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Homeschoolers' Day at Fort Hunter Park
Wednesday, November 2, or Thursday, November 3
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Dive into early Native American life! Students in grades 2-6 and their parents are invited to a Native American workshop to do hands-on activities, furnish a wigwam and more and also tour the Fort Hunter Mansion. The visit, including time for a bag lunch, runs just under 4 hours.  Visit, in the Calendar of Events section, to register.  Cost: $5 students, $3 adults.

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Wildwood ParkSchool Programs
Wildwood Park is south-central PA's most accessible public wetland and study area, with 229 acres of shallow lake, swamp, riparian habitat, field, forest, and 6 miles of trails. On field trips, students explore various habitats with an Environmental Educator and learn from state-of-the-art exhibits in the modern nature center.

Environmental Educators are professionally trained naturalists who provide quality hands-on instruction. Topics  for programs range from wetland and wildlife ecology to PA plants and animals. 

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