MH/ID Advisory Board

The Dauphin County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Advisory Board's purpose is to review and evaluate mental health and intellectual disabilities needs, services, facilities and special problems in relation to local health and welfare needs, services and programs. The Board also assists with hiring the MHADP Administrator in compliance with the Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Act of 1966.

The Board works to develop, together with the Administrator, continuing plans for the program, to make recommendations to the County Commissioners regarding the program and any other matters relating to mental health and intellectual disabilities services in the County, including purchase of service, contracts and funds required to implement the program. The Board also reviews the performance of the MH/ID program and recommends a system of program evaluation.

Board Members:

George P. Hartwick, III, Dauphin County Commissioner                         Margaret Houser

Elizabeth Pliszka, President                                                                                       Glen Bartlett, MD

Gregg Davis, Vice President                                                                                      Travis Waters

(vacant), Secretary                                                                                                          Amy McPhilemy