Sample Ballots

The sample ballots below are for the November 3, 2020 General Election.

This information is intended for reference use only. 

Harrisburg Ballots

 Voting District
Berrysburg Borough
Conewago Township - 1st Precinct 
Conewago Township - 2nd Precinct 
Dauphin Borough
Derry Township - 1st Precinct
Derry Township - 2nd Precinct
Derry Township - 3rd Precinct
Derry Township - 4th Precinct 
Derry Township - 5th Precinct
Derry Township - 6th Precinct 
Derry Township - 7th Precinct 
Derry Township - 8th Precinct 
Derry Township - 9th Precinct 
Derry Township - 10th Precinct 
Derry Township - 11th Precinct 
Derry Township - 12th Precinct
Derry Township - 13th Precinct 
Derry Township - 14th Precinct 
Derry Township - 15th Precinct 
East Hanover Township - 1st Precinct 
East Hanover Township - 2nd Precinct 
Elizabethville Borough 
Gratz Borough 
Halifax Borough 
Halifax Township - 1st Precinct
Halifax Township - 2nd Precinct
Highspire Borough
Hummelstown Borough - 1st Precinct
Hummelstown Borough - 2nd Precinct 
Jackson Township 
Jefferson Township 
Londonderry Township - 1st Precinct
Londonderry Township - 2nd Precinct
 Londonderry Township - 3rd Precinct 
Lower Paxton Township - 1st Precinct 
Lower Paxton Township - 2nd Precinct 
Lower Paxton Township - 3rd Precinct  
 Lower Paxton Township - 4th Precinct 
 Lower Paxton Township - 5th Precinct 
 Lower Paxton Township - 6th Precinct 
Lower Paxton Township - 7th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 8th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 9th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 10th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township -11th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 12th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 13th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 14th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 15th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township -16th Precinct 
Lower Paxton Township -17th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 18th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 19th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 20th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 21st Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 22nd Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 23rd Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 24th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 25th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 26th Precinct  
Lower Paxton Township - 27th Precinct  
Lower Swatara Township - 1st Precinct  
Lower Swatara Township - 2nd Precinct 
Lower Swatara Township - 3rd Precinct  
Lower Swatara Township - 4th Precinct 
Lykens Borough - 1st Ward
Lykens Borough - 2nd Ward 
Lykens Township 
Middle Paxton Township - 1st Precinct 
Middle Paxton Township - 2nd Precinct 
Middle Paxton Township - 3rd Precinct 
Middletown Borough - 1st Ward, 1st Precinct
Middletown Borough - 1st Ward, 2nd Precinct
Middletown Borough - 2nd Ward, 1st Precinct 
Middletown Borough - 2nd Ward, 2nd Precinct 
Middltown Borough - 3rd Ward, 1st Precinct 
Middletown Borough - 3rd Ward, 2nd Precinct 
 Mifflin Township
Millersburg Borough 
Paxtang Borough 
Penbrook Borough - 1st Ward 
Penbrook Borough - 2nd Ward
Penbrook Borough - 3rd Ward 
Penbrook Borough - 4th Ward 
Pillow Borough
Reed Township 
Royalton Borough - 1st Ward 
Royalton Borough - 2nd Ward 
Rush Township 
South Hanover Township - 1st Precinct
South Hanover Township - 2nd Precinct 
South Hanover Township - 3rd Precinct 
Steelton Borough - 1st Ward 
Steelton Borough - 2nd Ward 
Steelton Borough - 3rd Ward 
Steelton Borough - 4th Ward 
Susquehanna Township - 1st Ward
Susquehanna Township - 2nd Ward 
Susquehanna Township - 3rd Ward 
Susquehanna Township - 4th Ward 
Susquehanna Township - 5th Ward 
Susquehanna Township - 6th Ward 
Susquehanna Township - 7th Ward
Susquehanna Township - 8th Ward 
Susquehanna Township - 9th Ward 
Swatara Township - 1st Precinct 
Swatara Township - 2nd Precinct 
Swatara Township - 3rd Precinct 
Swatara Township - 4th Precinct  
Swatara Township - 5th Precinct  
Swatara Township - 6th Precinct  
Swatara Township - 7th Precinct  
Swatara Township - 8th Precinct  
Swatara Township - 9th Precinct  
Swatara Township - 10th Precinct  
Upper Paxton Township - 1st Precinct
Upper Paxton Township - 2nd Precinct 
Washington Township 
Wayne Township 
West Hanover Township - 1st Precinct 
West Hanover Township - 2nd Precinct 
 West Hanover Township - 3rd Precinct 
West Hanover Township - 4th Precinct  
West Hanover Township - 5th Precinct  
West Hanover Township - 6th Precinct  
West Hanover Township - 7th Precinct  
Wiconisco Township - 1st Precinct 
Wiconisco Township - 2nd Precinct 
Williams Township 
Williamstown Borough - 1st Ward 
Williamstown Borough - 2nd Ward 

Harrisburg Sample Ballots
Voting District   
1st Ward, 1st Precinct  
1st Ward, 2nd Precinct   
1st Ward, 3rd Precinct   
2nd Ward, 1st Precinct   
2nd Ward, 2nd Precinct   
3rd Ward  
4th Ward   
5th Ward   
6th Ward   
7th Ward, 1st Precinct   
7th Ward, 2nd Precinct   
8th Ward  
9th Ward, 1st Precinct   
9th Ward, 2nd Precinct   
9th Ward, 3rd Precinct   
9th Ward, 4th Precinct   
9th Ward, 5th Precinct  
10th Ward, 1st Precinct   
10th Ward, 2nd Precinct   
10th Ward, 3rd Precinct   
10th Ward, 4th Precinct   
11th Ward  
 12th Ward  
13th Ward, 1st Precinct   
13th Ward, 2nd Precinct  
13th Ward, 3rd Precinct   
14th Ward   
15th Ward