Juror Amenities

Dauphin County jurors have access to the following: 

WIFI: The daily wifi password will be distributed and posted in the jury assembly room.

Vending/Snack/Beverage Machines: The jury assembly room as well as the adjacent hallway has a variety of vending and drink machines to include snack foods and hot and cold beverages. Cash is accepted and some beverage machines take credit/debit cards. 

Lockers: The jury assembly room has 100 lockers for use daily. Locker keys are distributed when a quarter deposit is placed within the locker. The quarter is returned upon key being replaced to the locker. 

Food Options: Jurors not otherwise restricted during deliberation will have ample opportunity to have lunch. Jurors have the option to pack their own lunch and store it in the jury assembly room refrigerator. Jurors are also able to purchase food at the courthouse cafeteria and often are able to leave the courthouse to have lunch at a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the courthouse. https://harrisburgdid.com/downtown-guide/?_location_types=dine