About Us

Mission Statement of the
Domestic Relations Office
Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas
Our mission is to serve the public by providing child and spousal support services as authorized by law and local rules of the court.
We will establish, modify, and enforce orders of support and provide support collection services for children and families in an effective and efficient manner, making prudent use of public resources.
We will perform our duties with honor and professionalism and treat our clients with respect and dignity.
The Domestic Relations Office is a division of the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas. The Domestic Relations Office is primarily responsible for working with families to establish and enforce support orders for children and spouses.
The Domestic Relations Office is comprised of Judges, Administrators, a Director, an Assistant Director, Managers, Supervisors, an Attorney, Conference Officers , Enforcement Officers, and various technical and clerical staff. The Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement System (PACSES) is a statewide automated computer system that tracks support cases and keeps financial records. PACSES also provides tools to enforce support orders.
Domestic Relations employees are trained to provide clients with information concerning support.
Domestic Relations non-lawyer employees are not permitted or licensed to provide legal advice. You should always seek professional legal advice for your case.