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also decides cases involving adoption, divorce, child custody, abuse, juvenile delinquency … Court's Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts has useful tools to search records.  …
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09/08/2013 - Flower Walk: Goldenrods, Asters and Other Fall … agreements, change of names, issue of divorce certificates, and landlord/tenant disputes. … Open Records - Law Enforcement …
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ESTATE NOTICES, NAME CHANGES, CORPORATE NOTICES, DIVORCE NOTICES, ET CETERA) REQUIRED BY LAW … of Dauphin County as a booklet that records the proceedings of the year 2009 and cites …
 Date: 5/9/2012 Size: 7MB

http://www.dauphincounty.org/government/Court-Departments/Court Anual Report/2009-Court-of-Common-Pleas-Annual-Report.pdfView duplicates

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09/08/2013 - Jazz & Wine Festival … 1920.42-Affidavit Under Section 3301(d)(1) of the Divorce Code … 104-Fees Incurred in Providing Public Access to Official Case Records of the Magisterial …
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09/08/2013 - Flower Walk: Goldenrods … Open Records - Law Enforcement … Divorce - 1 Additional Counts … Divorce - 2 Additional Counts … Divorce - 3 Additonal Counts … Divorce - 4 Additional Counts …
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http://www.dauphincounty.org/government/Publicly-Elected-Officials/Prothonotary/Pages/Fee-Listing.aspxView duplicates

that is attached to the front of the Divorce Complaint which tells the Defendant that he or she is being sued for divorce and may lose rights if he or she does not …
 Date: 12/31/2012 Size: 374KB

http://www.dauphincounty.org/government/Court-Departments/Self-Help-Center/Documents/3301(d) Divorce Instructions and Forms (1-13).pdfView duplicates

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09/08/2013 - Flower Walk: Goldenrods, Asters and Other Fall Suprises … 09/08/2013 - Jazz & Wine Festival … Health Care Enrollment Information and Forms … ​Click here to see the brochure …
 Date: 8/2/2013 Size: 84KB

http://www.dauphincounty.org/government/Veteran-Affairs/Pages/Benefits-(Federal-and-State).aspxView duplicates

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09/08/2013 - Flower Walk: Goldenrods, Asters and Other Fall Suprises … Open Records - Law Enforcement … Decree In DivorceDivorce Information Sheet … Notice to Defend - Divorce
 Date: 6/21/2012 Size: 106KB

http://www.dauphincounty.org/government/Publicly-Elected-Officials/Prothonotary/Pages/Online-Forms.aspxView duplicates

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09/08/2013 - Flower Walk: Goldenrods … and keep all fiscal and accounting records and to assure compliance of all financial and fiscal records in accordance with the latest standards and …
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Dauphin County Court of CommonPleas 12th Judicial District 2008 AnnualReportJOHN HARRIS/SIMON … of Dauphin County as a booklet that records the proceedings of 2008 and cites statistical …
 Date: 5/9/2012 Size: 3MB

http://www.dauphincounty.org/government/Court-Departments/Court Anual Report/2008-Court-of-Common-Pleas-Annual-Report.pdfView duplicates