Thursday, July 13, 2017 - Dauphin County Commissioners adopt new comprehensive plan addressing community, environmental and economic development goals

HARRISBURG, PA (July 13, 2017)­—Dauphin County Commissioners Jeff Haste, Mike Pries and George P. Hartwick, III yesterday adopted a new comprehensive plan that outlines community, environmental and economic development goals for the county and establishes the steps needed to achieve these goals.


“Called ‘Growing Together,’ the plan is the culmination of an extensive effort over the past year to coordinate with residents, public officials and a variety of organizations to develop a comprehensive, forward-looking plan,” said Haste. “In fact, this plan is the first county plan in the state to have a dedicated website so that residents, elected leaders and planners can easily access it.”
The website for the Dauphin County Comprehensive Plan is
Dauphin County is also the first county to use the state Department of Community and Economic Development’s “Implementable Comprehensive Plan” approach to develop a user-friendly, action-oriented process for accomplishing goals.
“The plan is designed to be interactive and continually updated,” said Pries. “We thank the planning staff and the many organizations who provided input and helped to frame this plan.”
The plan was developed over the past year and included a public presentation to the county commissioners on June 7 and a public hearing on July 12, prior to the vote.
“It took time to develop this inclusive, forward-thinking plan, but we wanted to do it right and have public input,” said Hartwick. “This plan is a tool not only for the county but also for municipalities.” 


For more information, contact the Dauphin County Planning Commission at 717-234-2639.


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