Fishing License

Annual Licenses are valid from December 1st through December 31st. While fishing, your license must be signed in ink and must be displayed on an outer garment. In addition, anglers must be prepared to furnish positive proof of identification.

Type of License
(includes all fees)
Resident Senior (Annual)
Resident Senior (Lifetime)*
National Guard/Armed Forces Reserve** (NGAFR) (Resident)
Prisoner of War** (POW) (Resident)
Prisoner of War** (POW) (Senior Lifetime)
1-Day Resident (not valid March 15-April 30)
Reduced Disabled Veteran License**
Non-Resident (Annual)
1-Day Tourist***(not valid March 15-April 30)
3-Day Tourist
7-Day Tourist
Trout Salmon Permit
Lake Erie Permit
Combination Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit
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Mentored Youth Permit FREE
Voluntary Youth Fishing License (Annual) $2.90


Type of Multi-Year License
(includes all fees)
3-Year Resident $64.90
3-Year Non-Resident $154.90
3-Year Senior Resident $31.90
3-Year Trout-Salmon Permit $25.90
3-Year Lake Erie Permit $25.90
3-Year Combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit $43.90
5-Year Resident $106.90
5-Year Non-Resident $256.90
5-Year Senior Resident $51.90
5-Year Trout-Salmon Permit $41.90
5-Year Lake Erie Permit $41.90
5-Year Combo Trout-Salmon/Lake Erie Permit $71.90

*Price includes $1.00 issuing agent fee and $0.90 electronic processing fee.
**Must have been deployed for 60 consecutive days (NGAFR).  Sold only at County Treasurer offices and PFBC offices (POW & NGAFR).
*** Includes Trout-Salmon and Lake Erie permits, not valid March 15-April 30.

NOTE: You qualify for a RESIDENT fishing license if you are a bona fide resident of Pennsylvania. You must show positive proof of permanent residency. Senior Resident and Lifetime licenses are available to those persons at any time during the year in which they will become age 65