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Virtual Probate Information & Procedure

The Register of Wills Office is prohibited from providing legal advice. The information below is not
a substitute for professional legal advice. We recommend that you hire an attorney to assist you with
estate administration.

Probating an estate and obtaining short certificates after the death of a loved one may be necessary when
the decedent was the sole owner of assets such as real estate, checking accounts, savings accounts, stocks,
or bonds, among other things. Probate may not be necessary for every decedent. Responsibilities of
estate representatives vary greatly from estate to estate, depending on the circumstances of the

1. E-file probate information. Carefully read the help text and follow the prompts for uploading required
documents (i.e. Death Certificate, Decedent’s Will, Witness Oaths, Photo ID of Personal Representative(s),

2. After submission, you will receive a confirmation with the completed Petition for Grant of Letters attached.
Please save this attachment and have it printed prior to your video conference.

3. Once the submission and documents are received, they will be carefully reviewed. If all documents and
submissions are acceptable, you will receive an email confirmation requesting that you schedule a video

a. If it is determined that additional items are needed, an email requesting a supplemental submission
will be sent to you.

4. You will receive a scheduling confirmation and video conference link once your appointment is confirmed.

5. During the video conference, the petitioner must be prepared to sign their hard copy of the Petition for
Grant of Letters. Petitioner must also be able to orient their camera so that it is possible for the office
representative to view the person and document as they take their oath and sign the petition.

6. After the video conference, all original documents and payment shall be placed in the drop-box located at
the Market Street entrance of the Dauphin County Courthouse or be mailed to the Register of Wills at 101
Market Street, Room 103, Harrisburg, PA 17101. Checks or money orders shall be made payable to
Register of Wills.

7. After a full, final, review of the physical original documents, and assuming all are in order, the Letters, Short
Certificates and associated documents will be issued to the attorney or petitioner as per their request.