E-File for a Marriage License


  • This site allows you to submit information for a marriage license application to the Dauphin County Clerk of the Orphans’ Court Office. Please make sure that you turn off any pop-up blockers before you begin. You will find this under “Tools” on your browser menu.
  • Your application is NOT finalized until the couple appears in the Dauphin County Orphans’ Court Office with required documents and fee.

WHEN to apply:

  • See list of requirements to obtain Marriage License on the Dauphin County Marriage License Home Page. Requirements are also located on the form that you can print when you have completed the on-line submission.
  • Pennsylvania law requires a minimum 3-day waiting period after application is complete before a license is effective.
  • Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance and may be used anywhere in Pennsylvania.


  • Complete application questions online by clicking on Continue above.
  • Once questions are completed online by both applicants, print out the Application Information Sheet with bar code.
  • Bring the bar-coded Application Information Sheet to the Dauphin County Clerk of the Orphans’ Court Office.
  • You are also required to bring photo ID’s (state-issued ID or Passport), copy of your most recent divorce decree (if applicable), and $70.00 CASH, MONEY ORDER or CREDIT CARD.
  • For debit and credit card payments, this office uses a third-party processor named Govolution who will charge you a separate processing fee of 2.55% on the total amount paid. $1.00 minimum.


  • Once you are ready, select E-File Marriage License Application from the Marriage License page.  Then click Start a New Marriage License and Accept the disclaimer.  Click Continue at the top of the instruction screen. You can then begin to enter your information.  Complete the Application Information Sheet and submit to Dauphin County.  You must complete the information and submit to Dauphin County at the same time.  The application cannot be saved and returned to at a later time.  Any items in RED are required information.  
  • There are 4 Tabs of Information: PARTY 1 INFO, PARTY 1 PARENTS, PARTY 2 INFO & PARTY 2 PARENTS
    • Once you have entered all of the requested information, please carefully review it to ensure that it is correct.  There will be a green checkmark on the right side once all information has been completed.

STEP 2: SUBMITTING ON-LINE Marriage Application:

  • You are ready to submit your application, please click on SUBMIT TO COUNTY.  You will get a message if the information has been transmitted successfully.  The Dauphin County Marriage License Bureau now has your information and this e-Filing will expedite the licensing issuance process

STEP 3: PRINTING Marriage Application Information:

  • Once your information has been submitted to Dauphin County, click on PRINT CONFIRMATION and bring this form along with the other required documents and fees to the Clerk of the Orphans’ Court Office to complete your marriage application process.  DETAILED APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED ON THE PRINTED FORM

STEP 4: FINALIZE Marriage License Application and RECEIVE Marriage License:

  • For your convenience, the following are Marriage License Bureau Office hours and locations:

Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30* p.m.
Dauphin County Courthouse
Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court
101 Market Street, Room 103, Harrisburg, PA 17101
(717) 780-6506
Fax (717) 780-6474

First and Third Wednesdays Only: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30* p.m.
Upper Dauphin County Branch Office
Northern Dauphin Human Services Center
295 State Drive
Elizabethville, PA 17023
(717) 905-2700, ext. 2507
Fax (717) 362-3135

*Please arrive by 4:00 p.m. to allow for time to process your application.