Internship Informational Letter
Internship Application

The internship is designed to ultimately benefit both the intern and the Coroner’s Office. Students are afforded the opportunity to gain academic credit, while simultaneously receiving the practical work experience in a forensic setting.

Internships are appropriate for advanced undergraduate or graduate students attending facilities that have a structured, in-house internship program. This way, the internship can be conducted under the joint supervision of an on-site advisor and a school faculty member. Both parties agree on the internships objectives and assignments, while jointly evaluating the intern’s performance during and after their experience.

 An intern functions under the authority of Coroner personnel and is expected to exhibit respectfulness, maturity, and professionalism. As well, an intern is expected to function during autopsies under the auspices of our forensic pathologist. This office encounters many outside agencies (law enforcement, EMS, fire, judicial, public utilities, medical facilities, social services, etc.) within the course of investigations, and an intern is expected to be of a maturity such that they conduct themselves commendably with these agencies. Anything other than a professional presentation, in both dress and behavior, is unacceptable and means for dismissal.IMG_9188 (2)“I will always recommend this internship to any and everyone. I believe the experienced gained at this site is one of a kind, from the deputies to the autopsies. It’s a welcome and fun environment that fosters learning and promotes curiosity.” – Summer Intern 2019

“I would 100% recommend this internship. It is a great environment where everyday is different. I was amazed about how involved we were, and you couldn’t have this experience anywhere else. We were constantly learning, and I am beyond grateful for this summer and this opportunity.” – Summer Intern 2019

“I would definitely recommend this internship because I learned so much and everyone I worked with was so kind and welcoming. I had an abundance of opportunities and experiences, and just overall it was so incredible.  I’d want anyone and everyone to have this experience.” – Summer Intern 2019

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“I would definitely recommend this internship to others. This internship would be a valuable learning experience for anyone interested in forensics and the role of the coroner’s office. Not only was I able to observe and learn about the duties of the coroner’s office, I was able to gain hands on experience with things like checking rigor mortis, moving bodies, and assessing post-mortem changes in a decedent. It was a valuable learning experience.” – Fall Intern 2019

“I would absolutely recommend this internship for every learner, those just beginning the educational process of the medicolegal investigation and those further along in any education process who can be more active participants in autopsy, evidence collection, ect. Each staff member encountered understands the importance of their professional role and shows a willingness to support learning and acquisition of professional skills and further understanding of regulations and standards expected.” – Fall Intern 2019