Frequently Asked Questions

Are all deaths in Dauphin County reported to the Coroner's Office?

What are the next steps in the Coroner process?

On what cases are autopsies performed?

Can the family request an autopsy?

Will an autopsy prevent an open casket funeral?

Is it necessary for me to go to the Coroner's Office to identify the body?

May I come to the Coroner's Office to view the body?

When will I know the cause of death?

How do I obtain a copy of the death certificate?

Can a friend make arrangements for the disposition of a decedent if the Legal Next of Kin is unwilling or unable to act?

How do I obtain a copy of the Coroner's Report, Autopsy Report, or Toxicology Report?

How and when can personal possessions be claimed?

Who can request photography for an individual case?

Does the Coroner's Office have an internship program and what are the requirements?