The THANKS Program is a reward and incentive program offered to you! Volunteers include:

  • Volunteer Firefighters
  • Volunteer Emergency Medical Services
  • Volunteer Emergency Management
    • To be eligible for the program, emergency service volunteers must be an active member. Click here for eligibility requirements: Definitions
If you are an emergency services volunteer and wish to participate in the THANKS Program, please send the individual participant form to THANKSprogram@dauphinc.org or fax it to (717) 257-1604.
If you are a Department Chief and members of your department wish to participate in the THANKS Program, please fill out the Chief's Form. The completed form and department member list should be emailed to THANKSprogram@dauphinc.org or faxed to (717) 257-1604.
After completing the application, each participating volunteer will receive a photo ID card provided by Dauphin County.
This card will allow participating volunteers to receive discounts on goods and services provided by business sponsors of the Dauphin County THANKS Program. Please click on the Business List to view the current list of sponsors and the discounts they are offering. Please check back often as the list will grow and change.

For more information about the THANKS Program, please feel free to contact us at THANKSProgram@dauphinc.org or (717) 558-6822.