What to Expect?

Pretrial Supervision can be assigned as a bail condition at any court proceeding prior to the disposition of a case. Once Pretrial Supervision is ordered the individual is required to contact Pretrial Services by phone within 24 hours of their release. Individuals assigned to Pretrial Supervision on a weekend or holiday must call by noon on the following business day.

Once contact is made with Pretrial Services a meeting will be scheduled to appear in person at the office in Downtown Harrisburg. At this meeting the defendant will be assigned to a bail supervisor and all bail conditions will be explained. Every person assigned to Pretrial Supervision will be required to check in on a weekly basis with their assigned supervisor. Other conditions may include drug testing, drug and alcohol evaluation, mental health evaluation, anger management counseling, parenting classes, Etc.

Pretrial supervision will remain in effect until one of the following events occur:

  • A Judge modifies the bail conditions at a court proceeding.
  • A disposition of the case occurs, such as sentencing or dismissal of charges.