Sassafras Island


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Sassafras Island is located in Dauphin County near the Harrisburg International Airport in the Susquehanna River.

Two rudimentary campsites are located at the latitude and longitude coordinates of 40.184295 and -76.760986 and 40.182742 and -76.757789.


Rules for registration are as follows:

1. Reservations can be submitted online or by phone to Administrative Assistant Janet Reed at 717-599-5188 ext. 2114.
2. A hunter can request any date during the season.
3. The requests will be taken in order as they are received.
4. Hunters can only reserve 1 session at a blind per week.
5. Only the hunting license #, first name and last name of the successful reservation will be published on the web based calendar.
6. The hunter may bring up to 3 guests and must be present.
7. Each hunter is requested to stay at a 10 shot limit for the day.
8. A reservation confirmation email will be sent to the hunter upon approval by Dauphin County Parks & Recreation.
9. A reminder email will be sent to the hunter 3 days prior to their waterfowl blind reservation.

NOTE: There are currently no official blinds set up at the locations, only natural vegetation.