Access Data

Digital Data
Data can now be downloaded from the new open data platform.  Digital Data is distributed as a countywide dataset in ESRI shapefile format.  Aerial imagery is available as a countywide dataset either through Dauphin County GIS or downloaded from PA Spatial Data Access (PASDA).
PAMAP 2008 color aerial images in JPEG2000 format

Please contact Megan Birch or Kathleen Piatt with questions or inquiries regarding data not listed below. 

Map Products
Listed below are the current prices for the most commonly requested GIS map products; prices include the 6% PA sales tax. Payment can only be made by check and must be received prior to delivery.  Please email Megan Birch or Kathleen Piatt with any questions or for information on how to order.

Small Maps - Size 8.5 x 11"
$3.71 per sheet
Large Maps - Price per Sheet
Size 11 x 17" - $5.30
Size 17 x 22" - $10.60
Size 22 x 34" - $21.20
Size 34 x 44" - $31.80