Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Welcome to Dauphin County Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Dauphin County GIS is a division of the Department of Information Technology. GIS, a computer system that stores information describing the surface of the earth, is used for mapping and land based analysis. GIS data can be combined with other existing data to create a visual representation that aids in data analysis and decision making. The GIS department works in collaboration with many other county offices on projects that make data more available on the web.
Current GIS projects work in conjunction with many County departments, and GIS continually works to expand collaborative capabilities. Some examples of GIS projects are those completed with the Election and Voter Registration Department, such as the election results viewer (found at the below link), which was created to display election results by geographic area. GIS also supports this department by determining appropriate voter precinct boundary changes by plotting addresses of voters and determining the numbers of people that would reside in proposed districts. With the Emergency Management Agency, GIS provides mapping support for Three Mile Island emergency preparedness, projecting the results of a hypothetical incident in the ten mile radius “emergency planning zone.” GIS also develops and maintains the mapping information used at the 911 call center, providing visual reference for emergency situations. As EMA implements Next Generation 911 technology, GIS will play a key role in making emergency services more efficient. A final example of the work GIS completes is the structure ID project, a current GIS project being completed in collaboration with the Tax Assessment Department. GIS links the tax databases with map databases, making it easier to access CAMA information necessary for real estate assessment. This project is expected to be completed by 2016.
Dauphin County GIS strives to continue providing business support and intelligence services that are readily accessible to all departments in order to improve citizen access to information.
To view the Parcel Viewers, Economic Development Viewer, Election Results Viewer and the Magisterial District Court Viewer interactive maps, please click here.
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