Small Business Loan Program

Through the Dauphin County Department of Community & Economic Development (DCDCED), the Dauphin County Board of Commissioners provides assistance to both new and expanding businesses in Dauphin County.

Through the Small Business Loan Program, the DCDCED is able to offer low-interest financial assistance to business and economic development projects through a variety of sources including the Dauphin County Industrial Development Authority (DCIDA), which is staffed by employees of the DCDCED. Such businesses must be able to create jobs for lower income persons with limited job skill requirements. Loans can be made for the acquisition and rehabilitation or new construction for non-residential properties, or purchase of equipment or machinery. Loans may not be used to refinance existing debt nor for working capital.

The DCDCED can also provide information about facilities, building sites, infrastructure, other financing programs, tax incentives, demographics, tourism and other issues.

Program Guidelines and Application