Parents, siblings and children are encouraged to visit in the most natural setting, while assuring the safety of the child in placement. Visits will occur no less often than once every two weeks and can occur more frequently, including several visits per week. Visits may occur on weekends and for overnights, as the plan is close to being accomplished and the child returned home.
A formal visitation plan is developed and provided to the parents. It will include who is permitted to visit, where the visit will occur, how often and the length of visits. It may also include who will provide transportation.
Some visits are supervised or semi-supervised dependent upon the safety concerns identified when visits are arranged. Many of these visits are at a pre-arranged location contracted for by the county for visits. Others occur at the Children and Youth office. Still others may be held in informal community locations or in the family home and are unsupervised, semi-supervised or fully supervised by the caseworker or a formal reunification worker.