Northern Dauphin County Office

The UpCounty Unit provides services to the Upper Dauphin area (area north of Peter's Mountain) through their office located in Elizabethville at the Northern Dauphin Human Services Center.
The UpCounty Supervisor, in addition to standard supervisory responsibilities, also monitors the programs in the Upper Dauphin area who are receiving financial funding from the Agency, meets with each of the schools in the four districts on a monthly basis and manages a caseload.
The UpCounty unit is unique due to the fact that they take on the combined roles of a Child Protective Services Intake Worker, General Protective Services Intake Worker, and Protective Services Worker. Each worker is responsible for investigating reports of suspected abuse as required by the Pennsylvania Child Protective Service Law and the Juvenile Act. They are also responsible for providing initial assessments and screening of all allegations of inadequate or improper care of children as well as requests for assistance from families or children. Lastly, they provide ongoing services to families with children whose level of risk is not so high as to require immediate placement. This service can include but is not limited to providing supportive counseling, budgeting assistance, parenting and behavior management, guidance and collaborative work with other service providers.
Upper Dauphin Prevention Programs
Currently, the Agency is working in conjunction with other community providers to address the needs of at risk/high risk children in the Upper Dauphin area. Specific programs are:

  • Halifax Youth Center. This program provides after school and summer programs to youth in grades 6 through 12. This program will allow youth an opportunity to develop friendships with peers and adults while providing them the opportunity to participate in activities that may otherwise not be available to them. 
  • Protective Day Care. Protective Day Care is available through the YMCA's Jelly Bean Junction Day Cares located in Halifax and Elizabethville. This program allows the Agency to identify high risk children who are at a potential risk of placement to attend day care at no cost to the family. To utilize this program, the family must work on identified goals to reduce the level of risk to the child(ren) in their care.