Age children can be left alone - is it illegal to leave them alone?

School Attendance - Elementary aged children involvement from CYS?

Why isn't a parent reportable to law enforcement for physical injury?

Is C&Y required to let the reporter know the results of the investigation? If not, why?

Explain educational custody, who has it (foster parents, C&Y, parent)?

Dependent children & truancy - C&Y's role & role/responsibility of district justice? When will C&Y get involved?

Does CYS have psychologists who are contracted to state if child has a serious mental injury or must the reporter get this?

Periodically we see kids who are maybe 15 (older adolescent) who feel they have been abused and want to move out. Can they self report? Is this encouraged?

What constitutes intervention when children are living in deplorable situations?

How do you prepare children aging out of C&Y (via graduation or age) for life when they have lived out of county or have a MR/MH diagnosis?