Resources During Excessive Heat Conditions

Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging aims to be proactive in protecting older residents from excessive heat. The department conducts annual assessments of clients’ home conditions related to air conditioning, fans, etc. AAA also keeps a list of clients considered at risk in extreme heat due to health issues, and we reach out to them to make sure they are aware of extreme temperatures and forecasted heat waves.
Previously, AAA participated in a program to offer fans and AC units in heat wave/extreme heat situations. The CDC guidelines are clear now that we should not be offering fans for use in extreme heat conditions. We do have some AC units available. Call the office at 717-780-6310 for more information.
AAA Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver to hundreds of homes/clients every weekday. Volunteers knock on the door, wait for the client to come to the door, and the meal is delivered. Volunteers are instructed to call AAA if they observe any conditions or behavior of concern. A caseworker visit or call to the emergency contact would be considered as next steps.

Some other resources/tips for staying cool:

- Visit area libraries or malls/shopping centers. Transportation can be arranged through AAA.

Check in with your older relatives, friends, and neighbors to make sure they are safe.

Reach out to Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging if you need assistance!