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Art In The Wild:
Naturally Inspired Trailside Creations
sponsored by
The Friends of Wildwood & Dauphin County Parks & Recreation
Media Sponsor:
  April 8 - October 31, 2016
Dawn to Dusk

Wildwood Park
100 Wildwood Way
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Watch the video produced by film students at CASA of the 2016 exhibit.
Watch the video produced by film students at CASA of the 2015 exhibit.
Watch the video produced by film students at Central Dauphin East for the 2014 exhibit.
Watch the video produced by film students at CASA of the 2013 exhibit. 
Art In The Wild was conceived with the goals of presenting quality outdoor art using natural materials, providing educational opportunities and community involvement. The works of art are composed of mostly natural materials to blend with Wildwood’s nature setting. The project was open to all. The exhibit is one more way to bring awareness to Wildwood’s mission – preserving, enhancing and interpreting the Park’s resources. We are currently looking for artists for 2017! Click here for more information!

VOTE for your favorite installation in this year's People's Choice! Just click the vote button!

2016 Participating Artists
Site 1:  Victoria Starsinic
Victoria is a senior at Central Dauphin High School, has been studying 3D art for several years and plans to pursue art in college.
Site 2:  Ashley Russo
The secrets that account for the emergence of life are questions that can’t be answered by science, but nothing has felt closer to the answer than being in nature and creating.
Site 3:  Beau MacGinnes (1st Place Winner - pictured above)
Beau considers himself a multifaceted artist working in numerous mediums that include film, photography, illustration and outdoor installations.
Site 4:  Fernando Gratacos
Fernando is a senior at Central Dauphin High School interested in 3D art with plans to attend HACC and Bloomsburg; hobbies include music, art and playing with his dog. 
Site 5:  Eve Gurbacki, Adrianne Zimmerman (3rd Place)
Eve is an art teacher and portrait artist while Annie works as a real estate agent and photographer.,,

Site 6:  Delia Knoblauch
Delia is a 17 year old exchange student at Newport High School from Berlin, Germany; her art teacher is Jessica Barlup.

Site 7:  Jay Margolis, Rebekah Olt, Emily Rimmey
Jay, Rebekah and Emily are upperclassmen from the Capital Area School for the Arts (CASA), where they spend each afternoon making visual art.
Site 8:  Jace Aumiller
Jace is a senior at Central Dauphin High School and enjoys art in her free time.

Site 9:  J.T. Belmont, Raelynn Furjanic, Megan Herigan, Melissa Hughes, Joey Killinger, Aubrey Page
All of the members of this team attend Central Dauphin High School and are involved with art in his/her own way from hobby to passion to professional goal.

Site 10:  Carol Lauver, Kim Spradley, Mary Freeman
Carol, Kim and Mary teach at Tender Years, Inc. and each of them enjoys creating art, reading and spending time with their families. menu

Site 11:  Cathleen Wetzel, Marilyn Glace, Denise Glenn
Cathleen, Marilyn and Denise are friends who join together to celebrate the journey of life.

Site 12:  Karena Comoss, Terry Peard (Honorable Mention)
Karena and Terry are neighbors who have come together to execute one of Karena’s crazy ideas, with the help of Terry’s awesome woodworking talent.
Site 13:  Debbi Cowl
Residing in Camp Hill, Pa., Debbi is an artist, musician, and educator and also a member of the Mechanicsburg Art Center School and Galleries.

Site 14:  Raymond Curanzy III (2nd Place)
Raymond is excited to experience anything as joyful and restorative as the woodworking by which he makes his living.
Site 15:  Patricia deGuzman, Lori Hegedus
Patricia and Lori are motivated lovers of nature and art.
Site 16:  Samantha Consoli
Sammy is a student at Central Dauphin High School and plans to further her art career at Penn State University.
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