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​Cross-System Use Of FGC

​In Dauphin County, we believe that it is essential to utilize the FGC philosophy and practice from a cross-system perspective. Here are just a few systems that are taking a close look at "When FGC works best in their day-to-day practice with families:
When it works best in MH/MR
  • To resolve disruptive behavior
  • To help youth remain in the community
  • To more fully involve the family in treatment
  • To reduce issues of isolation, secrecy or stigma and rather mobilize community involvement

When it works best in Schools

  • To resolve disruptive behavior
  • To help students succeed in school
  • To resolve concerns of suspension and expulsion

When it works best in Drug & Alcohol Services

  • To reduce issues of secrecy
  • To minimize family isolation
  • To involve community/family in recovery
  • To help families in their own recovery
  • To invite open and honest communication regarding addictions

When it works best in Victim Services

  • To increase safety for family members
  • To bring greater clarity and value to the voice and concerns of victims
  • To increase community involvement in resolution
  • To provide a safe healing opportunity for victims

When it works best in Faith Based Services

  • To utilize the strengths of the Faith-Based community
  • To acknowledge the positive role faith can play in healing a family
  • To strengthen the fabric of the family
  • To honor the family's culture and heritage

When it works best in Juvenile Justice

  • To plan for a juvenile who has admitted to the offense or been found guilty of the offense
  • To plan for a juvenile at the Court/Intake level
  • To plan for a juvenile who is under supervision
  • To return a juvenile safely from placement

When it works best in Child Welfare

  • To keep children safely at home
  • To return a child safely from foster care
  • To identify the best placement for children
  • To identify the best permanent plan for children
  • To help stabilize a troubled placement
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