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Family Engagement Newsletter.pdfFamily Engagement Newsletter

Dauphin County Mental Health recognizes the need for families to have access to information about various aspects of the mental health system in order to help make decisions and support their children during treatment. Once you complete and return this form, you will receive information from our office periodically on a variety of mental health topics that may be of interest to you.


Annual Report

MH-ID FY 11-12 Annual Report.pdfMH-ID FY 11-12 Annual Report 

MH-ID FY 12-13 Annual Report.pdfMH-ID FY 12-13 Annual Report

FY 12-13 Annual Report Overview.pdfFY 12-13 Annual Report Overview

MH-ID FY 13-14 Annual Report.pdfMH-ID FY 13-14 Annual Report

MH-ID FY 14-15 Annual Report.pdfMH-ID FY 14-15 Annual Report

MH-ID FY 15-16 Annual Report.pdfMH-ID FY 15-16 Annual Report


MH Transformation Committee on Employment

Rose's Employment Guide - FINAL -10-15-13.pdfEmployment Guide


Glossary of Terms, Acronyms, and Abbreviations in Child-Serving Agencies and Programs

glossary of termsacronyms and abbreviations_201512091122.pdfGlossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations


Children's Mental Health Family Engagement Resource Sharing

Family Engagement Postcard.pdfFamily Engagement Postcard

Family Strength Poster.pdfFamily Strength Poster

December Resource Sharing.pdfDecember Resource Sharing

bkpk_understand_emotions.pdfUnderstand Emotions

January 2017 Resource Sharing.pdfJanuary 2017 Resource Sharing

February 2017 Resource 2017 Resource Sharing

March 2017 Resource Sharing.pdfMarch 2017 Resource Sharing

April 2017 Resource Sharing.pdfApril 2017 Resource Sharing

May 2017 Resource Sharing.pdfMay 2017 Resource Sharing

August 2017 Resource Sharing.pdfAugust 2017 Resource Sharing

 September 2017 Resource Sharing.pdfSeptember 2017 Resource Sharing

October 2017 Resource Sharing.pdfOctober 2017 Resource Sharing

December 2017 Resource Sharing.pdfDecember 2017 Resource Sharing

Older Newsletters 

January 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfJanuary 2015 Resource Sharing
February 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfFebruary 2015 Resource Sharing
March 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfMarch 2015 Resource Sharing 
April 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfApril 2015 Resource Sharing
May 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfMay 2015 Resource Sharing
June 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfJune 2015 Resource Sharing
July 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfJuly 2015 Resource Sharing
August 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfAugust 2015 Resource Sharing
September 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfSeptember 2015 Resource Sharing
October 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfOctober 2015 Resource Sharing
November 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfNovember 2015 Resource Sharing
December 2015 Resource Sharing.pdfDecember 2015 Resource Sharing

January 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfJanuary 2016 Resource Sharing
February 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfFebruary 2016 Resource Sharing
March 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfMarch 2016 Resource Sharing
April 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfApril 2016 Resource Sharing
May 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfMay 2016 Resource Sharing
July 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfJuly 2016 Resource Sharing
August 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfAugust 2016 Resource Sharing
September 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfSeptember 2016 Resource Sharing
October 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfOctober 2016 Resource Sharing
November 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfNovember 2016 Resource Sharing
December 2016 Resource Sharing.pdfDecember 2016 Resource Sharing



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