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Employment means a job in the community that the person wants and can perform, with or without accommodation and support. When we talk about employment today, we mean having a job or vocation in the community that pays at least minimum wage. Whether the work is part-time or full-time, in a plant, office or a start-up business in the family garage, employment needs to match the person's abilities, career goals and aspirations.

Employment is an essential part of self-determination for many people. Employment is a way for people to achieve their personal dreams of success, respect and control. Having a job can be an important part of one's self-identity and value in society. People enrolled in services have choices in the types of jobs they obtain, and in the providers who render their support and services.

Qualified employment specialists are available to assist people who need assistance in locating, preparing for and successfully managing the job of their choice. Success is also supported by government work incentives that allow people with disabilities to keep more earned income and retain their needed benefits and services. For more information on employment, contact your Supports Coordinator.

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