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HSBG Meetings
​Date  Agenda​ Minutes​ Supplemental Documents​
May 3, 2013​ HS Block Grant Agenda050313.pdfAgenda Minutes.pdfMinutes 05032013-Supp.pdfPlanning Overview
05032013PublicCommentGuide.pdfMeeting and Public Comment Guide
June 7, 2013​ HS Block Grant Agenda.6.7.13.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 060713.FINAL.pdfMinutes
​Sept. 5, 2013 HS Block Grant Agenda 9.5.13.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 090513.pdfMinutes 201401090951.pdfPowerpoint
​Jan. 31, 2014 HS Block Grant Agenda013114.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 013114.pdfMinutes
​April 18, 2014 HS Block Grant Agenda041814.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 041814.pdfMinutes
​May 23, 2014 HS Block Grant Agenda 52314.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 052314.pdfMinutes
​Nov. 21, 2014 HS Block Grant Agenda112114.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 112114.pdfMinutes HSBG pp for 11-21-14.pdfPowerpoint
​Feb. 27, 2015 HS Block Grant Agenda022715.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 022715.pdfMinutes CACHattachments.pdfAttachments
​May 15, 2015 HS Block Grant Agenda051515.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 051515 sb.pdfMinutes
​Aug. 21, 2015 HS Block Grant Agenda 082115.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 082115.pdfMinutes
​Nov. 13, 2015 HS Block Grant Agenda 111315.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 111315.pdfMinutes
​Feb. 26, 2016 HS Block Grant Agenda.022616.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 022616.pdfMinutes
​May 27, 2016  HS Block Grant Agenda 052716.pdfAgenda Block Grant Planning and Advisory Committee Meeting Notes May 27 2016 Meeting.pdfMinutes
​Aug. 19, 2016 HS Block Grant Agenda.081916.pdfAgenda Block Grant Planning and Advisory Committee Meeting Notes Aug. 19 2016 Meeting.pdfMinutes
​Nov. 18, 2016 HS Block Grant Agenda.111816.pdfAgenda Block Grant Planning and Advisory Committee Minutes November 18 2016.pdfMinutes
​Feb. 17, 2017 HS Block Grant Agenda.021717.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 021717.pdfMinutes
​May 19, 2017 HS Block Grant Agenda.051917.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 051917.pdfMinutes
​Nov. 17, 2017 HS Block Grant Agenda.111717.pdfAgenda hsbgminutes 111717.pdfMinutes Dauphin County Program Integration Initiative-FINAL.pdfDauphin County Program Integration Initiative


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